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Hinge Body Centre Section

Product ID: SEC1_91
Hinge Body Centre Section.

Hinge body centre section

Centre section of trampoline hinge folding section

Price excl. VAT: 36.00 (43.20 Inc. VAT)
(approx 45.00 USD) (approx 41.40 EUR)

Allen Key

Product ID: SEC1_92
Allen Key.

Allen key to tighten up fixings on a trampoline (please state trampoline model when ordering)

Price excl. VAT: 2.00 (2.40 Inc. VAT)
(approx 2.50 USD) (approx 2.30 EUR)

Allen Grub Screw

Product ID: SEC1_93
Allen Grub Screw.

Allen grub screw, 5/16" or M10 available (please state trampoline model when ordering)

Price excl. VAT: 0.30 (0.36 Inc. VAT)
(approx 0.38 USD) (approx 0.35 EUR)

Frame Pad Elevator

Product ID: SEC1_95
Frame Pad Elevator.

Frame pad elevator which elevates the frame pads to eliminate spring noise

Price is for one elevator

Price excl. VAT: 6.20 (7.44 Inc. VAT)
(approx 7.75 USD) (approx 7.13 EUR)

Frame Pad Elevator Strap

Product ID: SEC1_96
Frame Pad Elevator Strap.

Frame pad elevator strap (please state trampoline model when ordering)


Price excl. VAT: 41.00 (49.20 Inc. VAT)
(approx 51.25 USD) (approx 47.15 EUR)

Oval Grey Rubber Dust Cap

Product ID: SEC1_97
Oval Grey Rubber Dust Cap.

Oval grey rubber dust cap

For ends of trampoline (flat-sided oval tubing model only)


Price excl. VAT: 2.40 (2.88 Inc. VAT)
(approx 3.00 USD) (approx 2.76 EUR)

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