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Rollerstand Hook c/w Push-On Fittings

Product ID: SEC1_80
Rollerstand Hook c/w Push-On Fittings.

Rollerstand hook complete with push-on fitting

Price is per hook

Price excl. VAT: 5.75 (6.90 Inc. VAT)
(approx 7.19 USD) (approx 6.61 EUR)

5  Grey Rubber Floor Guard

Product ID: SEC1_81
5" Grey Rubber Floor Guard.

5" grey rubber floor guard

Non-marking, complete with 2 holes

Fixing rivets included

Price per floor guard

Price excl. VAT: 4.50 (5.40 Inc. VAT)
(approx 5.63 USD) (approx 5.18 EUR)

Frame Chain Tensioner (Adjuster) c/w Locking Nuts

Product ID: SEC1_82
Frame Chain Tensioner (Adjuster) c/w Locking Nuts.

Frame chain tensioner (adjuster)

Complete with locking nuts

Price excl. VAT: 14.50 (17.40 Inc. VAT)
(approx 18.13 USD) (approx 16.68 EUR)

Heavy Duty Frame Chain Assembly c/w Tensioner and Shackles

Product ID: SEC1_83
Heavy Duty Frame Chain Assembly c/w Tensioner and Shackles.

Heavy duty frame chain assembly complete with tensioner and shackles

Price excl. VAT: 40.50 (48.60 Inc. VAT)
(approx 50.63 USD) (approx 46.58 EUR)

7mm Quick-Link Joiner

Product ID: SEC1_84
7mm Quick-Link Joiner.

7mm quick-link joiner to link chain and tensioner

Price excl. VAT: 3.90 (4.68 Inc. VAT)
(approx 4.88 USD) (approx 4.49 EUR)

7mm  D  Shackle

Product ID: SEC1_85
7mm "D" Shackle.

Trampoline 'D' shackle - 7mm

Price excl. VAT: 2.50 (3.00 Inc. VAT)
(approx 3.13 USD) (approx 2.88 EUR)

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