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Dust Caps, Round

Product ID: SEC1_98
Dust Caps, Round.

DUST CAPS, round, (please state trampoline model)


Price excl. VAT: 0.41 (0.49 Inc. VAT)
(approx 0.51 USD) (approx 0.47 EUR)

Goose Neck for Leg Brace c/w Allen Screws

Product ID: SEC1_99
Goose Neck for Leg Brace c/w Allen Screws.

GOOSE NECK for Leg Brace, c/w Allen Screws (please state trampoline model)

Attaches under main frame end rail and leg brace


Price excl. VAT: 28.84 (34.61 Inc. VAT)
(approx 36.05 USD) (approx 33.17 EUR)

Supermesh Bed, Indoor or Outdoor Use

Product ID: SEC1_GMSM
Supermesh Bed, Indoor or Outdoor Use.

Supermesh All Weather Web Bed

Indoor or Outdoor use

Polyester coated in PVC for the Ceetex GM -Universal GM - Eurotramp Grand Master - 99 Series (all 118 Spring)



The widest range of Replacement Web Beds for any make or model of Trampoline, Double Mini-Tramp, Open Ended Mini-Tramp and Standard Mini-Tramp...always in stock

We are the most established and experienced producers of Trampoline, Double Mini-Tramp, Open Ended and Mini-Tramp Web Beds in the World with our history going back to the early sixties

Produced here on our state of the art looms

Exclusive Spring Anchor Bars moulded in tough, lightweight, impact resistant & unbreakable Ultra Polyamide (PA6) Nylon (not plastic) for optimum safety and performance - no heavy steel bars to fall out or injure

The Trampoline Beds are very easy to fit and come with fitting instructions. We do offer a bed fitting service if required

When the time eventually comes for your bed to have a restitch simply return it to us for a quick, reliable and guaranteed service

Price excl. VAT: 659.00 (790.80 Inc. VAT)
(approx 823.75 USD) (approx 757.85 EUR)

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